How Rota Helped Easy Staffing Fill 4x More Roles

Easy Staffing is a unique recruitment company based in Manchester working with a wide range of businesses in the surrounding areas - from hotels and stadiums to restaurants, music venues and golf clubs. But traditional manual recruitment methods were slowing the company’s growth.


They were spending hours every day ringing candidates to book and reconfirm individual shifts; they were using paper timesheets that had to be checked against the database and could easily create delays or confusion; and worst of all, their candidates were becoming increasingly vexed from the constant calls and lack of autonomy. 


Ultimately, these manual processes were laborious and time consuming. Which is why the company finally decided to try Rota’s workforce management platform.


They knew there were gains to be made…

Given the inefficiencies of their previous process, Easy Staffing’s main goal was to streamline their process - in order to save time and allow them to focus on other tasks. 


Rota promised to make timesheets more reliable and less time consuming, as well as ensuring shifts could be booked faster. The platform would also make life simpler for Easy Staffing’s candidates and clients, by giving them greater visibility and control. 


…but they had concerns, too.

Introducing new technology always feels risky. Would Rota’s timesheet system work? And how would candidates and clients adapt to the portal? Easy Staffing had reservations about whether they could trust this new system. But as soon as they tried it, all of their fears assuaged. 


It turns out, the Rota platform is extremely easy to use. The average Easy Staffing team member reports taking no more than a day to get to grips with the platform - and both candidates and clients find it highly intuitive. 


Rota attracts clients and candidates alike

Because the platform streamlines the recruitment process, Easy staffing has found that it increases their appeal to both clients and candidates.


Clients are attracted to the ease and visibility it provides. And because they are able to rate the staff they use through the platform, clients can ensure they only choose workers they are happy with in the future.


For candidates, the increased autonomy ensures they feel respected. They are able to select shifts with ease and know exactly what is required of them without ringing up the company. This means they spend less time talking to recruiters - and more time earning money.


Rota has helped them scale

Today, Easy Staffing uses Rota for their end-to-end recruitment process. They have a total of 60 clients using the portal to book candidates, and the ease of the platform has helped the company attract far more candidates than previously possible. 


At last count, they filled roughly 2,400 jobs per month - providing a total of 4,000 hours of work each week. The company estimates that this is around 4 times more than they could have achieved through their manual processes. Meaning they have been able to scale far faster and more effectively with Rota - all by introducing Rota’s workforce management platform.


Transform your workforce with Rota

Easy Staffing are the latest in a long line of businesses that have fundamentally transformed how they manage their staffing using Rota. We work across a range of industries - from hospitality and healthcare to customer services and security. And in each of these industries, we have an exceptional track record of helping businesses grow.

If you’d like to see how Rota could improve your business, book your demo today.


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